Say the whole number sequence by 1s starting anywhere from 0 to 10 and from 10 to 0. ([C, CN, V])
Recognize, at a glance, and name familiar arrangements of 1 to 5 objects, dots, or pictures. ([C, CN, ME, V])
Relate a numeral, 0 to 10, to its respective quantity. ([C, R, V])
Represent the partitioning of whole numbers (1 to 10) concretely and pictorially. ([C, CN, ME, R, V])
Compare quantities, 0 to 10, using one-to-one correspondence. ([C, CN, V])
Demonstrate an understanding of repeating patterns (two or three elements) by:
  • identifying
  • reproducing
  • extending
  • creating
patterns using manipulatives, sounds, and actions. ([C, CN, PS, V])
Use direct comparison to compare two objects based on a single attribute, such as:
  • length including height
  • mass
  • volume
  • capacity.
([C, CN, PS, R,V])
Sort 3-D objects using a single attribute. ([C, CN, PS, R, V])
Build and describe 3-D objects. ([C, PS, V])