This curriculum provides the learning outcomes that Kindergarten children are expected to know, understand, and be able to do by the end of the Kindergarten year. The characteristics of an effective Kindergarten program, included in this curriculum, guide educators in providing meaningful learning experiences for children. Through these experiences, children will be engaged learners as they achieve the learning outcomes in an integrated manner.

This Kindergarten curriculum provides:

  • direction for supporting student achievement of the provincial Goals of Education as expressed through the Broad Areas of Learning
  • support for student development related to the Common Essential Learnings as expressed through the Cross-curricular Competencies
  • the characteristics and examples of an effective Kindergarten program
  • the K-12 aim and goals of each Required Area of Study for education in Saskatchewan
  • research-based learning outcomes and indicators
  • an explanation of assessment and evaluation in Kindergarten

For more detailed information about providing a positive Kindergarten experience for children, please refer to Children First: A Resource for Kindergarten (2009). It can be found, along with curriculum support materials, on the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education website.