Comprehend and respond to a variety of visual, oral, print, and multimedia texts that address identity (e.g., exploring interests), community (e.g., belonging), and social responsibility (e.g., contributing).
View and interpret the basic message of visuals and objects in a variety of texts including models, photographs, dramas, dance creations, and videos.
Listen, comprehend, and respond to gain meaning in oral texts.
Comprehend, retell, and respond to basic ideas in stories, poems, songs, and informational texts read to them.
Compose and create various visual, multimedia, oral, and written texts that explore and present thoughts, ideas, and experiences.
Use and construct symbols, pictures, and dramatizations to communicate feelings and ideas in a variety of ways.
Use oral language to converse, engage in play, express ideas, and share personal experiences.
Create messages using a combination of pictures, symbols, and letters.
Reflect on viewing, listening, emerging "reading", representing, speaking, and emerging "writing" experiences in the context of teacher-led discussions.
Reflect and talk about new learning.