Comprehend and respond to a variety of grade-level texts (including contemporary and traditional visual, oral, written, and multimedia) that address:
  • identity (e.g., Just Watch Me)
  • community (e.g., People and Places)
  • social responsibility (e.g., Friendship) and make connections to prior learning and experiences.
View and explain (with support from the text) the key literal and inferential ideas (messages), important details, and how elements (such as colour, layout, medium, and special fonts) enhance meaning in grade-appropriate visual and multimedia texts.
Listen and retell (with support from the text) the key literal and inferential ideas (messages) and important details heard in small- and large-group activities, and follow oral directions and demonstrations.
Read and demonstrate comprehension of grade-appropriate literary and informational texts read silently and orally by relating and retelling key events and ideas in sequence with specific details and discussing how, why, and what if questions.
Compose and create a range of visual, multimedia, oral, and written texts that explore:
  • identity (e.g., My Family and Friends)
  • community (e.g., Our Community)
  • social responsibility (e.g., TV Ads for Children) and make connections to own life.
Use a variety of ways to represent understanding and to communicate ideas, procedures, stories, and feelings in a clear manner with essential details.
Speak clearly and audibly in an appropriate sequence for a familiar audience and a specific purpose when recounting stories and experiences, giving directions, offering an opinion and providing reasons, and explaining information and directions.
Write stories, poems, friendly letters, reports, and observations using appropriate and relevant details in clear and complete sentences and paragraphs of at least six sentences.
Reflect on and assess their viewing, listening, reading, speaking, writing, and other representing experiences and strategies by participating in discussions and relating work to a set of criteria (e.g., "What did I learn?").
Set personal goals as a result of group discussions (e.g., "What did I do well?", "How could I be a better viewer, listener, reader, representer, speaker, and writer?").