Investigate creative processes for producing arts expressions.
Incorporate more than one art form in an individual or collaborative multidisciplinary arts expression.
Experiment with ways of communicating ideas to others, creatively through the arts.
Experiment with personal preferences, media, styles and techniques to develop artistic voice.
Collaborate within an arts community.
Investigate how the arts can challenge, reinforce or draw attention to ideas, values and/or beliefs.
Identify skills, strengths and interests and set goals for continued growth in the arts.
Analyze how the arts can express identity and culture, past and present.
Examine various creative processes and ways of thinking.
Research artists who create work in response to the natural world.
Apply creative processes for producing arts expressions within a local context.
Design and produce, individually or collaboratively, a multidisciplinary arts expression.
Communicate ideas that have personal meaning, creatively through the arts.
Investigate use of own and others’ artistic voice.
Collaborate with peers and others to build an arts community with a shared purpose.
Conduct an inquiry into how the arts can challenge or reinforce societal norms of a given time and place.
Investigate artistic pathways and potential careers within the arts, or other creative fields, of personal interest.
Investigate how the arts support, influence and shape diverse communities (e.g., gender and sexual diversity, people with disabilities, ethnic groups, popular music sub-cultures, social media-based groups).
Explore connections between the arts and ways of knowing (e.g., multicultural, Indigenous, multiple literacies, emotional, intuitive, STEAM disciplines).
Examine how artists use arts to raise awareness about place and sustainability (e.g., social, economic, environmental).
Create original work in selected arts disciplines, individually and/or collaboratively.
Produce and present to an audience, an individually or collaboratively created multidisciplinary arts expression.
Communicate ideas of social relevance, creatively through the arts.
Apply artistic voice with purpose.
Demonstrate leadership in an arts community through shared purpose.
Create an arts expression to challenge, reinforce or draw attention to ideas or societal norms.
Examine how learning gained through the arts may be transferrable to careers and personal pathways.
Examine and express how the arts provide opportunities to learn about oneself.
Investigate how the arts engage people holistically, including physically, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally.
Investigate contemporary arts practices as a response to place and time.