Engage in collaborative programming practices.
Indicators for this outcome

Explore collaborative programming practices and models.


Collaborative programming practices and models.


Collaborate with others to plan a solution to a problem.


Develop procedural or object-oriented programs collaboratively.


Explore version control using shared folders or versioning software.


Develop and follow a common standard of programming style to integrate code from multiple programmers.


Reflect on the advantages and challenges encountered when working collaborative contexts to solve programming problems.


Interact with experts who work collaborative programming environments.

Arduino Applied: Comprehensive Projects for Everyday Electronics
This book extends the Arduino Uno starter kits and increases knowledge of microcontrollers in electronic applications. It shows how to build complex Arduino projects, break them down into smaller ones and then enhance them. Each chapter is separated into multiple sections, offering diagrams, samples and explanations of code. Many chapters offer project-based activities that incorporate the content from previous chapters into a culminating task.
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Record posted/updated: June 1, 2022